My son is Xavier Player, 2019 Senior Varsity CB attending Cibolo Steele HS, and he is verbally committed to play football for Oklahoma State Univ.  He has been with B-Better Performance, for 1 1/2 years.  With the excellent training regiment Coach Ledbetter and Coach Kyle utilize, they helped his posture, balance, speed, power, explosion, and technique tremendously!  They understand how to complement what his high school coaches are teaching, while helping him become a better overall athlete.  These are great men of character, care about our children, and want the best for their future.  Truly a blessing!  If you are serious about your child being trained by the best, look no further than B-Better Performance!


- Harvey Player Jr.

My son has been with Byron Ledbetter and BJ Kyle since late 2016. I have noticed gains in my son’s confidence, strength, footwork, and top end speed. He also improved his skills as a linebacker and his catching; when summer camps rolled around he was ready! This past summer my son made the USA national middle school football team as a linebacker, thanks in a large part to Byron and BJ for getting him ready. I recommend any athlete to B-Better Performance.


- James Harold

Before I acquired the services of B-Better Performance my son lacked in speed and lower body strength as well as lateral movement. The training he received made him more explosive and stronger. He was able to finish plays as well as have faster recovery time after big games. The biggest thing was that he dropped his 40 time down from a 4.6 to a 4.5!!! If your child is in need of a great team of dedicated and loyal trainers, I recommend B-Better Performance.


- Juan Henry Sr.

Coach Kyle and Coach B really help bring out your inner grind and push dedication to your craft. They make you focus on your technique throughout every drill to include lifting and conditioning…not just position drills. They make sure you are creating the best habits and fundamentals to improve performance in your game!


- A. Hoffman

After working with B-Better, they have improved my running technique and improved my confidence as a receiver.


- A. Contreras

By far the best training program with the fastest results. Very professional and unique workouts!


- D. Moore